From Banbury Cross Farm to the table at Redendo's Pizza

We are proud to partner with Banbury Cross Farm to serve our first farm-to-table dishes. Our Sausage Pepper Parm Hero, Philly Cheese, chicken topping, chicken parm hero and more are made using grass fed, non GMO meats. Raised a few miles down the road in Goshen, NY. 


Established in 1963. Banbury Cross Farms provides grass-fed, antibiotic free, no added hormone, all-natural beef & lamb, pork, chicken, ducks and turkey. Their livestock is humanely raised; nurtured in open and clean pastures with all natural grasses, forbs, and browse. Clean, fresh groundwater is provided in all of the pastures year round. Meat is available for purchase on the premises. We encourage you to visit Banbury Cross Farms and see the source of our best dishes. To support the Farm-to-Table movement.

Banbury Cross Farm

Est. 1963


Locally Sourced Ingredients

We strive to use first in class ingredients in every dish. Select pizza toppings such as pepperoni, and sausage crumbles, etc are from specialty suppliers and not made fresh in house. All fresh ingredients are locally sourced when available.

If you are a local farmer that would like to join our list of suppliers please contact us at 

  • Banbury Cross Farms
  • Wuillermin Farms
  • Sparacio Farms
  • Cassaday Farms